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"Cat · Sounds"

"I'll just keep doing this, as long as I can get away with it." -Tina Fey

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"Aw, blerg! What's it take to get a little space!"
"Nice greeting."

"Arrgh. Jenna. While I'm beyond flattered you pried yourself away from the mirror long enough to see me, right now I gotta get some sleep or my insults are actually gonna register with you."

"For the record they have."
The blond snorted as Liz sighed guiltily, realizing Jenna in hospital mode was not one to be taken lightly.

"And for the record I don't care. Because I know you well enough to know hospitals make you way less clever, way more vulnerable and more angry badgery then normal."

She said as Liz attempted descrunching her face, and wrapped the blanket around her tighter.

"Especially when you don't have a clever, calm someone to call you out on your angry badger-ness."

"Geez, love how I can't get away from Donaghy when he's not even here!"

"Well from where I'm sitting, it, doesn't look like you really wanna get away."
Jenna said knowingly, getting Liz defensive and ready to fall back on sarcasm, nonchalance, anything to avoid this.

But just sighed in surrender before glancing up, dark eyes shining every emotion in the book as she shook her head.

"I...I don't."
She admitted with a shrug and a sniffle, before Jenna pulled her into a hug, trying to be sensitive and supportive even with a satisfied grin on her face.

"And you won't have to."
She reassured as Liz pulled back, confused and drying her eyes with her sleeve.

"Jenna what are you-"

"Liz, Jack was here!"

"Jack was here Liz, in this hospital, this room. When you were out, the whole time, he sat right in this chair I'm in and held your hand."

"No, Jenna no. I..you must be mistaken or..God, are you..are you making this up!"
Liz accused, her voice stammering more from fear then anger.

Even though fear did set in when hurt flashed in Jenna's eyes.

"I can't believe you asked me that! Here I am, trying to get through to you and stop you from feeling miserable, and this is the thanks I get!"

"I..no, Jenna wait, I...that, that came out wrong I..I didn't..."

"Look, I talked to Jack myself. He was scared to come in and see you 'cause he felt responsible for your accident. But he came, and sat with you, and held your hand refusing to move til he was forced to. If you don't believe me, why don't ya call up that assistant of his, Jonathan. He knows every move he makes and apparently, you'll trust him more then your best friend."

"Jenna, please. I'm sorry, p..please don't go."
Liz cried, holding Jenna back when she tried to stand, and the blond softened a bit but still looked pained.

"I wouldn't lie to you about this Liz. I can't believe you, even thought I would."

"I...I know you wouldn't. I just..the truth you're trying to tell me just, sounds too bizarre to be real! Jenna I know Jack. He..he's not a hand holder or a, sensitive soul kinda guy! And I never expected or wanted him to be that!"

"Well what were you expecting?"

"That if he showed he'd be, typical Jack! Slick tongued sly of wit, backhanded complimenter Jack. And, the most emotion I'd get would be he was, glad to see me and then he'd tell me to go easy on the hospital food."
Liz said with no sarcastic undertones, just a shy smile.

"And, that'd be all I'd need to, feel good about everything. To know things were back to normal."
She said, her smile fading to a worried frown.

"But now, you..you're telling me he, went and, held my hand, didn't leave my side. I..I don't know, what to make of that."

"I do."
Jenna said slyly as Liz rolled her eyes.

"Jenna don't.."
"Why not! Liz c'mon even you can't be this dense romantically! The signs have been right in front of you as long as I can remember, it's about time you saw them!"

"Look, Jack and I..it..it's not like that, with us."

"I know I know, you're friends, you're colleagues, he's out of your league, blah blah blah, who cares! Things can change Liz! If you want them to!"
Jenna said as Liz looked on nervously.

"You... you really think he's willing to have things change. You're sure that's really where his head was at?"

"'Cause if he's not, Jenna putting myself out there like that, would just mean, total, total disaster. I'd be completely humiliated!"

"More then when we chucked food at you after your insults to everyone on TGS were broadcasted?"

"More then when I made everyone watch you as Bijou?"
"Alright I get it, I'm no stranger to being mortified but...with this it's.."

"Completely. I..It's Jack."
Liz sighed, her cheeks pink as Jenna beamed.

"And it's right! You, him together, it's right!"

"R..Right." Liz echoed as a smile fought it's way back onto her face.
"God, I'm just glad whatever they've been pumping in your veins forced you to admit it!"

"Yes, To YOU. And you ALONE. Jenna I swear, you let any of this conversation leave this room.."

"And I'll get a chin. I know! In the meantime can't we just enjoy the moment, this perfect long awaited moment when you finally broke and admitted what everyone in 30 Rock's known since Day One?"

Jenna asked, as Liz chuckled and leaned back against the pillows, totally stunned.

"I..I, can't believe I just-"
"It doesn't matter, just that you did! And now comes the fun part."

"Oh and what's that I'm afraid."
"Figuring out what you're wearing to the after party when ya knock Jack's socks off!"

"Oh c'mon Jenna do we have to decide that right-"
"Now, when we have all the Cerie approved outfits at our disposal? Of course!"

Jenna squealed, rummaging through the bag before pulling out countless clingy tops, short skirts, something resembling a fur poncho.

While Liz reached for a pillow to cover her rolling eyes, muffle her inevitable groan, but also hide her grin that was rivaling a kid's on Christmas morning.


On the brisk walk back to his car, his eyes stormy, all Jack wanted was to retreat to the comforting solitude of his loft, put on some Michael Buble and drown his sorrows in some scotch.

Unfortunately there was a crimp in his plans when not a second after he went to put the car in drive, he was thrown by a buzzing from his coat pocket.

"Jack Donaghy speaking."

"Hello, Jack?"
"May I ask who's calling?"
"Clearly you don't recognize my voice."
"Listen, whoever you are I'm not in the mood for games, so unless you-"

"You're not in the mood for games? Oh dear Jack this is much worse than I feared.."
The voice slyly purred, in a well affected accent.

"I don't need to listen to this right now."
"No...but I know what you do need."

"You need some comfort..you're clearly depressed. And..last I checked being, the man of habit you are you, go someplace special when you're depressed."
"And it's not the Stock Exchange or that, peasant food vendor, Sbarro I believe? Those are reserved for your other fascinating emotions."

"Who are you and what do you want from me?"
Jack asked, his tone aggravated but not entirely masking his fear.

"I don't want anything from you Jack, just to assist you."
"I understand you've been, on the receiving end of some ugly press lately."
"What are you.."
"Ah maybe I spoke to soon. But if it hasn't hit the papers yet...with a man of your reputation and fame, it's only a matter of time before ..."
"Before what?"
"Before an incident at St. Luke's Hospital reaches page six. I can see it now, your name, face splashed across the newsprint, publicizing your brawl with an up and coming comic on TGS."

"For the record it was NOT a brawl. And, how did you even hear about-"
"Does that really matter? I've already said I'm willing to assist you, who matters how I know the details if I'm capable making them go away?"


"I've gotten far more influential since we last spoke Jack. I can make this ugliness disappear in the blink of an eye. Today will just be a distant memory."

"And, how would you go about-"

"Are you in or not?"

The voice tempted catching Jack's ear, and the familiar, breathy yet seductive purr on the other line, made his knees weak before he managed a response.

"When should we meet?"

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